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Our Modern Living Home Design

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Are you looking for modern home designs that are both family-friendly and optimise climate control? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Michael Hoare Builders’ Cronin 220 and Cronin 247 home designs are exceptional choices for prospective homeowners. Find out more about the design features of these builds and their top qualities.

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What Are The Cronin 220 And 247 Builds?

The Cronin 220 home has several qualities that make it unique. The skillion roof gives the home an asymmetrical look that transcends traditional builds.


The high interior ceilings give the illusion of heightened space and allow the home to benefit from natural light.


The Cronin 247 is similar to the Cronin 220, only it is larger and incorporates more functionality. Some top features of both homes include:

• Walk-in pantry
• Patio
• Laundry space
• Two bathrooms
• Open living spaces
• Outdoor living area
• Double garage

michael hoares builders- interior of cronin home design

Are These Builds Suitable For Families?

Both the Cronin 220 and Cronin 247 homes are suitable for families. Both have four bedrooms that mean there’s ample room for family members. You may opt for the Cronin 247 if you have older children, as it has two main bedroom suites.

Exclusive to Cronin 220, there is a functional room at the front of the house which is completely separated from the rest of the home. This means parents can have functions or watch television without worrying about waking children, given the immense sound separation.

The Cronin 247 has a game or media room, which is great for spending quality time with kids or giving them their own play area.

Both homes also optimise storage space, which makes them perfect for large families. This includes ample garage space and pantry storage.

The open-plan interior of these builds ensures that homeowners can get on with menial tasks whilst also watching over children in the living area.

Climate-control Homes

We aim to develop homes that combine form and function, and what’s most important about the Cronin 247 and Cronin 220 builds is their climate-appropriate properties. For example:

Excess Water Drainage

The skillion roof design ensures that excess water drains off the roof effectively – something that’s incredibly important given the ample rainfall in Cairns from December.

Optimal Airflow

When the weather gets too hot, both designs incorporate a patio attached to the open living space. As the hub of the home, the kitchen and dining area can often get too humid and need airing out. Therefore, the patio serves to optimise airflow and provide a luxurious backdrop for evening meals.

Large Garage Space

The garage space allows you to store vehicles indoors and out of the blistering heat. Bikes are prone to rust where there’s a shift in weather, so the large garage serves to combat these adverse climate effects.

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