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Crucial Things to Ask Your New Home Builders in Cairns

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Having a new home built is exciting, but there’s a lot to understand along the way. As the premier new home builders in Cairns, Michael Hoare Builders can help you with many of the steps to having your dream house finished. Having a home built is a different process than buying an existing home and that means you should be asking the following questions to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

What’s Included in the Quote?

When you get a quote, it’s not the final cost. The quote will include certain things, but others may add to the total bill. Before getting started, it’s a good idea to ask your home builder what’s included in the quote you are given. Check the contract for clauses, as this is where you will likely find items that aren’t included in the quote. Be sure you understand the quote before signing. We are happy to go over this with you and ensure that you know exactly what to expect.

Are You Qualified and Insured?

When you hire a new home builder, it’s vital to be sure they are experienced and trained and know what they’re doing. Ask to see qualifications, including documentation that tells you that you’re hiring someone qualified. At the same time, your new home builder needs to be insured. If they aren’t you could be liable for damages or injuries that occur during the building project. Your home builder should have workers compensation, public liability, and home warranty insurance.

At Michael Hoare Builders, we are fully insured and ready to do the best job for you.

What are the Details of the Building Plan?

Building a home is a big project and the details can get lost in the process if you’re not careful. That’s why you need to clarify everything before work begins. Make sure that you see in writing everything you want included in the final product, from the kinds of windows to the colour of the flooring materials. Don’t assume anything is included if you don’t see it in the building plan.

How Long Will it Take?

You might not be able to get a definitive end date, but we can give you a good idea of when each stage of the building process will be complete. You will be notified about anything that may cause a delay so that you can be prepared.

Do you have more questions for new home builders in Cairns? Contact us online or call us at Michael Hoare Builders for answers. We’re ready and happy to help.