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Why House and Land Packages Are the Smart Choice in Cairns

Want to find somewhere nice to live in the Cairns area? Australia has experienced a serious growth in property prices, and many people who want to have their own home find it hard to get up that first step on the property ladder. If you do not want to compromise on your property, then you might want to talk to the new home builders at Michael Hoare Builders about purchasing house and land packages in Cairns instead.

House and Land in Cairns

What is a house and land package?

With a package of house and land, you purchase the land that you want your house to be on, and then work out a building contract with a team of house constructors. You will pay for the house in parts, as it goes up in particular stages: a basic frame-building stage, a brick construction stage, a fixtures and fittings stage, and the final, completed house stage.

Choosing turnkey packages

A quite common way for you to purchase the house and land package is to make use of the Turnkey method. You select the land and then discuss the options for constructing a house on top of it with the team at Michael Hoare Builders. You put down a deposit and get a fast turnaround for the construction. This allows you to get a fast build for the land you have chosen.

Clear costs

One of the biggest reasons for opting for land and house packages is that all of the costs will be up-front, and you will get a well-constructed home without having to pay things like consultation fees.

More control

Home buyers now have more control than ever when it comes to house and land packages. You can choose your ideal land, match it to a great home design and talk to our team about the right builder.

Lower investments

Choosing a house and land package is considered to be more affordable than buying an existing house outright. This makes it perfect for first-time buyers who want to live in the area but do not want to pay too much.

Builders you can trust

When you talk to Michael Hoare Builders about the perfect house and land packages in Cairns, you will be dealing with a trustworthy builder who can help you to get the most out of your deal. Start today by contacting us online, or call us on 0409-563-123 now.