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Top Home Design Trends For 2022

Are you looking to build or renovate in 2022? Perhaps you just want to give your present home a fresh facelift. Whatever your plans, it pays to know what the latest trends are so you can get the most out of your interior design. Here is what will be hot in 2022:

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The Biophilic Homes Movement Will Continue To Rise

Keeping plants in your home has long been known to help boost your mood, reduce stress and anxiety and allow you to feel less tired and more inspired. The Biophilic movement goes beyond just simple house plants and incorporates design where nature meets architecture in your home.

More people are expected to flock toward this form of design, which not only incorporates nature but its very essence. It uses water features and living walls in personal living spaces to create areas that are serene and calm. But Biophilic design also means capturing the colours of nature (primarily green and blue) and using them in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms where neutral colours typically dominate.

modern home with solar panels and rooftop terrace

Homes Will Become More Sustainable

This is intrinsically linked with biophilia, but sustainability has been a buzzword for many years now.

Homes will not only be connected to nature in looks but functionality will also be designed with the environment in mind and sustainability will be at the forefront of interior design.

As the fight against climate change becomes more ingrained in the mainstream, its integration into interior design becomes inevitable. We already have energy-efficient plumbing and lighting in most modern homes and this trend will extend into every aspect of a home.

Textiles that are produced sustainability (read: not mass-produced), responsibly designed and manufactured furniture and more natural and organic materials like cork will become popular as more people seek total sustainability in the home design process.


Minimalism has been in vogue in recent years, with the Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, becoming a global sensation. Well, 2022 is likely to see a bit of a rebellion against minimalism, with maximalism tipped to become one of the biggest trends in interior design.

Maximalism does not mean going to the shops and buying everything you can and tossing it throughout your house. While Maximalism is about excess, it is not about clutter. Instead, this is about going big in terms of bold colours and patterns and not being afraid to experiment.

Colours that traditionally were deemed to clash will now be married up. Patchwork quilts, rainbow explosions and plenty of use of bold and bright colours like red, green and blue will become more and more popular.

Durable Design

Perhaps it was COVID or a renewed desire to host home dinner parties and gatherings, but we are using our homes more and more.

This impacts design greatly. Those show living spaces that weren’t designed to be used could feature delicate furniture and impossible to clean floors and surfaces. The game changes when there is going to be constant foot traffic and people using the furniture constantly.

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